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I oversharpened everything. Everything.

Hey! I'm doing laundry today. Also an update. Read it if you want to.

Greta amd Ian: *kissing in the street even though I am against it*
Bitte: This can only end in disaster.
Isana: Yyyeeeessssss!!!! >D
beescratch: *longsufferingsigh* I will get the blender.

Greta: The blen--what? No! I kiss all my family members! See?
Bitte: Uhh...okay, sure. Why not?
Isana: Ha! Nice save, Greta.

Desdemona: It's gross to think about your own parents doing it, but what if it's your spouse's parents? Specifically her mom? I'm asking for a friend.

It's gross, yes.

Isana: So Finn. Let's talk some shit about that guy.
Greta: Hells yeah! I got shit for miles on that guy!
Ian: I, too, have an anecdote or two!
Desdemona: My vampire mom might be on to something...
Bitte: Indeed she might!

Isana: He's probably even going to die at some point!
Greta: The fool.
Ian: I know I'll never understand the appeal.
Bitte: Oh my. I feel light-headed. I might need to lie down.
Desdemona: Oh my god, are you okay? Do you need a dri---oh. I get it. >D

Greta: Sup, Finn? How long you been there?
Finn: Just got here, why?
Isana: How DARE you talk about my HUSBAND like that? En guarde, sir!
Ian: Feh. You fool no one, madam. Not even my steel jaw.
Bitte: Be there in a minute, Des. I might get to watch a fight.

Idk, apparently I made Ian grow a bunch of penis emojis and then took a picture?

Bitte: Hey, Wendy. TITTY TWISTER!
Wendy: This seems inappropriate.
Even: Aww yiss. Boogie down because I made the update!
Georgia: Yeah, but with this sweet move I'ma make heir.
Desdemona: Check it, I can speak whale. BWAHHHH...

Wendy: Look at your hands, mother. They tell me so much about you. For starters, you are highly judgemental of others, yet do not take kindly to those who judge you.
Bitte: First of all, how dare you!
Even: What about me, Wendy? Can you read my hands next?
Georgia: Why does she need to read your hands, Sgt. Simbin? I'm next.
Desdemona: The whales heard me. They just can't come here because we are landlocked. In a valley.

Cedar Hadley strolled by, and she is very pretty, so Georgia went to snag her as a contact.

Cedar: *deepwhiff* Smells like shenanigans and mayhem.

Georgia: Check out my sweet heirship sealing headstand.
Cedar: I hate shenanigans and mayhem.

The Butler: Yes, good. The surveillance equipment is hardly visible even if you ARE looking for it. The Dog will be pleased.
Daphne: Maybe if I reverse gravity on my face, it will unlock the smiling muscles I have thus far been unable to access.


/high five, Daph

Wendy is pretty much the only kid this generation to actually focus on building a skill. She's at seven or eight creativity already.

Daphne: Hooray, I learned to smile and now I can birthday!
Daphne: What the fuck am I wearing? -2500

Nice half-skirt, brah! It's probably gonna fall down though, so...perhaps something with a belt? Idk, you do what you want.

She wanted white-blonde hair and a pouty face portrait.

I wanted lacy shoulder wings and a regular face portrait. Compromise!

Hey, Finn. Whatcha doing?

Finn: Amy's hungry. I'm gonna feed her.

How nice. Where is she?

Finn: I've got her.

*muffled wailing from somewhere that sounds like "Grandpa, no! Heeelp!"*



Finn: Relax! She's fine.
Amy, from Finn's Chest Cavity: HALP FOR SERIOUS.

A brief interlude titled: Everyone Has the Plague. No Seriously. Everyone.

Amy: Thank god that's over! I never want to do anything weird like that again.

Hate to break your heart kid, but dipping your toes into the kitchen tile isn't exactly considered "not weird."

Ghost of Purity: I sense my heart is breaking. Good thing I wore my Deal With It shades.
Ian and Greta: *have worse manners than the garbage they're making out in*
beescratch: *permanently applies family tag* It's all about follow through with kids these days. You can't just make empty threats, or they'll walk all over you.

Ian: I just got caught cheating. With a family member.
Greta: Yeah, awkward. Might change my name to Re-Greta.

Finn: And we'd get in these huge fights just so we could run away and make up...if you and Bitte haven't tried it, you really should because...
Desdemona: Oh here we flippin' go with this crap again.
Ian: I am just so flabbergasted by my own behavior...how did I even manage...
The Butler: I can' help you forget about it, Ian, if you like. ~Do the hand job, baby!~

It's JIVE, The Butler. Do the hand /jive/.

The Butler: Not the way I sing it.

Desdemona: Soon.

Soon what? Aw sheet. I forgot you're pregnant again. Jerk.

Ghost of Farthing: *scares the pee out of someone* *cleans up the pee*

Nice! Thanks, Farthing, you're a real pal!

Ian: Ahh! What a glorious feeling to wake up next to a beautiful woman who is NOT my blood family.
Isana: I'm just here for the fight it will cause between Finn and me.

Ian: And if you ever need a third in the bedroom, I'm your guy!
Bitte: Uh, thanks, but. No. Get out.

Ian: Good chat.
Bitte: I'm judging you so very harshly right now, that it actually makes me happy.

Everyone: *crowds into the bedroom for no reason at all, especially not because Bitte wanted to sleep-stalk Desdemona, which led to a domino effect of heartfart stalking*

Isana: Gross! Did you squeeze this from Satan's asshole yourself?!

No, Ian did. And now you're cured, so suck it up.

Molly came over again. She apparently likes the scent of shenanigans and mayhem.

It's doubtful that I'll actually play her house anytime soon, so I aged her up. Not bad, if I do say so myself.

While I was at it, Amy needed a birthday. Also very nice!

Excuse me, but. What the fuck are you doing?

I said--

Desdemona and Amy: Family bonding the Withers way, of course!

Of course.

Amy: Good news, ma! We have the same hair AND the same virus!
Desdemona: But can you speak whale though?

Ian: Seriously, you guys, can't a man just take a shower in his own bathroom in peace?
Greta: How can you be CALM at a time like this?! This bathtub IS NOT WOODEN!!
Bitte: Your ability to stay cool under duress is pretty swoon-worthy, Ian. I have to admit.

Bitte: Don't mind me! I'm just here to set the bathtub on fire!
Ian: Well, it's not a wooden bathtub, so...it's prolly not gonna work...

Ian: Obviously this is a sleeping bathtub, not a kindling bathtub. At least she did manage to warm it up a little!

Amy: I'm nut sure why, but I feel compelled to got out onto the back porch...
The Dog and The Hound: We did it! It worked! We are so close!

Desdemona: Sooner.

Shut up.

Genie: BEHOLD! I am here to grant your wishes and also jeopardize the structural integrity of your home!
Wendy: k.

Wendy: Party hard.

Why can't THIS be family bonding the Withers way?!

So, I got really tired of the never-ending flu cycle, so I decided to send everyone currently incubating it on a vacation to cure them. We chose the Withers beach house.

That's the front porch. Bad angle, terrible cropping, but you get the idea.

Bitte and Desdemona: *is just like every other happy couple on vacation*

Ian: *is just like me on vacation*

Daphne: *fucking HATES FLOWERS*

No really. She stomped them all. She then got voluntold to be the new beach house gardener, because those flowers cost /money/, dammit.

Finn: Who wants seconds on their soup?
Desdemona: Your mother really is a lovely woman, underneath it all, Bitte.
Bitte: I know. I truly respect her.
Ian: She, as a whole, is quite the masterpiece. A true work of art, inside and out.
Georgia: Grandma is pretty rad.

Wow. You'd think they were a typical heart-warming sitcom family or something. (Also, check out that decorating. I even used some OMSPs and shit. Dang.)

Wendy: I just really like you, Daphne. You're my big sister, and I look up to you!

Daphne: Well, aren't you just the sweetest little ray of sunshine!
Wendy: Thanks!

Daphne: I hate it. Knock it off.
Wendy: Aww. Don't be grumpy. I still like you!

Wendy: Are you sure we can't be best friends?
Daphne: I'm sure.

Daphne and Wendy: *finish eating in stony silence*

The Uninvited Butler: Come with us on vacation, they said. It'll be a nice break for you, too, they said. First day here and already there are boundary issues...

I didn't cap it, because it looked SUPER DUPER AWKWARD, but Wendy was using the shower when The Butler walked in on her to mop the puddle...you've seen it before this legacy. I have this habit of making this shower all the time. It's a two tile room, with the glass wall being a "fence" and the door a "gate" and the shower is technically one of the "communal showers." All of those factors frequently combine to create wonderfully funny "run-ins." Until it's a kid and The Butler. Then it's just weird. /storytime

Ian: All we've had is comfort soup since we got here. Know where I could get some pancake contraband or something?
Desdemona: Maybe. What's it to ya?

Desdemona and Ian: *strike a pancake deal*
Bitte: Just give him *some* pancakes. Do not reveal our hiding place.

Georgia: So when does this vacation get good?

Excuse you! YOU decided to stay outside building sandcastles all day. YOU refused to come in when I cancelled the sandcastle building. YOU did this.

Bitte: Which means I get to do THIS!

No reason. Ian's just really good with kids. It's nice to have a reminder that he not *all* sex drive.

Just, y'know. /Mostly/ sex drive.

Amy: You should really wear sunscreen. People die from sunburn sometimes.
Wendy: Thank you for your insightful and helpful comment. I will remember it from now on.

So, the main problem with the beach house is that it was meant as more of a honeymoon cottage than a family getaway, so there is only one bedroom. I built a small cabana with recliners to help the sleeping issue.

Also a hammock.

Ian had a map to a secret location, and I've never used it, so I used it. Turns out the hut was Not Cool, so we only stayed long enough to grab this picture:

When they went back to the beach house, everyone was "healthy again!" So I sent them home.

Isana: Aww! There's grandma's little nugget! Are you ready to come out?
Desdemona: Actually, now that you mention it...
Ian: Oh! That wasn't just pancakes, then?
Bitte: Why do you think we brought the pancakes to begin with?

Desdemona: *gives birth in the entryway*
Wendy: I know you're busy and all, but can you sign this? My teacher won't excuse my absence unless you do.
Finn and Isana: Oh my god! We're grandparents! Again!
Ian: This is nothing new for me.
Greta: Why does this keep happening?! I already don't have an *actual* bedroom!

And finally!

Baby Paige! HOPEFULLY the last kid of this generation.

There are probably typos. I only briefly scanned for broken code. Okay. Bye bye.
Want a Withers?


>Amy: Good news, ma! We have the same hair AND the same virus!
Desdemona: But can you speak whale though?

des layin down some hard questions

i am impressed by yr omsps A+

pancake hiding place shit

Des does not have time for superficiality. She wants the important facts.

Do you not have a pancake hiding place?

Wendy for heiress, in all likelihood. Yes.


Every now and then, I check to see if you've posted something new in the Withers legacy, and lo and behold you did! I'm pretty sure I emitted some kind of high-pitched sound that disturbed my sleeping dog.

I'll try to cool my jets in waiting for the next installment because I know non-Sims/legacy/Withers stuff gets in the way of having time or desire to play or update, but I just wanted to let you know that some random person out there on the internets was super stoked about your post.

Re: Squee!

Aww! You're so awesome! I'm really glad someone out there enjoys these updates, as infrequent as they are. I love playing and updating, but I do tend to stay busy offline, so "me" time is at a premium. Thank you so very much! My week has been made, and it's only Monday!

Edited at 2014-10-06 05:19 pm (UTC)
all the kids this gen are so freaking cute! i too am a card-carrying member of the wendy fanclub but also daphne is a crack up. everywither takes bathtubs super seriously omg

>It's JIVE, The Butler. Do the hand /jive/.
The Butler: Not the way I sing it.

Wendy for heiress, Daphne for spare-ess. See what I did there? Ha! I'm funny.

Listen. You have to actually /play/ the Withers house to fully comprehend how SHOCKINGLY, DISTURBINGLY, HORRIFYLINGLY /not/ wooden Ian's bathtub is. Words cannot convey the idea properly.

The Butler. Just. That guy.

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